Monday, October 09, 2006

A bit of Hyde Park on the way to Lindt Cafe at Martin Place


After puffy, a quick rest back at the apartment and we were back on track again to our next stop: Lindt Cafe/Concept Store at Martin Place.

We took a stroll through Hyde Park on the way, took some happy snaps, stared at a couple who just got married at St Mary's Cathedral taking photos at the Archibald Fountain and off we went towards Martin Place. (We came back to Hyde Park later that night at my insistence. I actually have very fond memories of Hyde Park at night time when we were up in Sydney early 2001 with another couple and we had lots of fun taking photos and throughly enjoyed the peacefulness of night time at the park)

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So, Lindt Cafe. I had been getting daily reminders from Ali & Ange (A&A) from day 1 (when I told them that I was going to Sydney) that I MUST GO TO LINDT CAFE and that IT'S NOT OPEN ON SUNDAY, therefore I MUST GO THERE ON SATURDAY. So there I was, at Lindt Cafe, posh looking building with the marble exterior. Walked in and there was a line of about 10 waiting for a table. When it was our turn, we asked for a table outside since it was nice, sunny and the temperature was perfect for sitting outside (a bit chilly but the sun takes away the chill). "Sure, just order at the counter and we'll bring the food out to you." Great! So we went to the counter.. and they only had one menu. Err.. ok.. So the 3 of us crowded around one small little menu, discussing amongst ourselves whilst the waitress behind the counter stood there looking at us.. waiting for us to order.

I don't know about you, but I get a bit.. uncomfortable when the waiter/waitresses are standing there waiting for your order, when they know you're not ready (ie. you've told them that you need some time). You could say that I felt a bit of a "customer anxiety". So, there I was trying to choose something special, something that isn't too ordinary but familiar to ensure that it will be a memorable first visit.. . I know it's their job, but a bit of personal space and time to decide please?? I felt like I was being rushed to make a decision, so I wasn't too happy about that. Anyway... after being starred at forever (ok, I was probably 10minutes.. but it felt like forever) we ordered: the waffles, the opera cake and the St Moritz mousse cake; and for drinks we had the Iced Milk Chocolate, Iced Mocha and Milk Chocolate Shake.

Waffles w/ Vanilla Bean Ice cream and Chocolate FudgeWaffles w/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge

Waffles: The waffles were served with a pot of melted lindt milk chocolate and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Chocolate pot = Yumm, Vanilla bean ice cream = Yumm! Waffles = Ugh. The waffle was disappointing. The waffle batter was floury and it was undercooked. Not to mention the waffle wasn't crispy at all.

Opera CakeOpera Cake

The opera cake: Layers of almond sponge and orange butter cream topped with a milk chocolate ganache, a Lindt chocolate button and some edible gold foil. (EDIBLE I HOPE COZ I ATE IT!). I picked the opera cake because I've never had an opera cake before. The first time I ever heard about an opera cake was when I discovered this whilst googling for a green tea cake recipe. This was yummiest of the lot. But very rich. I should've shared it with someone. I couldn't finish it in the end.

St Moritz

St Moritz; almond sponge cake layered with dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse: Max Brenner does a meaner Trio than this. Though I did like the chocolate flakes. I couldn't differentiate the difference in texture between the mousse and the cake. (Umm can someone tell me if I'm just an ignoramous?)

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha: I've been obssessed with Mocha's since I can't remember when, but never have I tasted a "mocha" milk with no hint of coffee like this before?? I mixed it well, I really did, but it just did nothing for me. Tasted like dark chocolate drink.

Iced Milk Chocolate

Iced Milk Chocolate: This was not very chocolatey, even after we mixed the chocolate at the bottom of the glass with the rest of the milk.

Chocolate Milkshake

Milk Chocolate Shake: According to Samps, this was "nyeh". Meaning no big deal.

Whilst we were eating we noticed that the table next to us ordered these little macaroon looking things and hot chocolates. They hot chocolates were DIY hot chocolate, served with a little jug of frothed milk and a melted pot of lindt chocolate. You mix your own hot chocolate according to your taste, similar to the Max Brenner Suckao concept where you're given your own jug of milk, little buds of chocolate, a contraption with a lit tea light candle under a stainless steel cup encased in a ceramic oil burner style mug (??). Here you melt the chocolate bits in the hot milk (to your taste) and when it's melted, suck it up a stainless steel straw that doubles as a scoop/spoon for the chocolate buds.

So me, being the tourist that I was, thought that it would be foolish of me trek all the way to Sydney this year and not to try the hot chocolate (actually, I was thinking more along the lines of A&A would not let me live it down if I didn't have the hot choc. I can just imagine them saying, "OMG, you went to Lindt Cafe and DIDN'T HAVE the HOT CHOCOLATE??") and I was curious about the macaroons too! They look so scrumptious. And so.. even though my stomach said. "NO MORE". I went in, bought a takeaway Hot Chocolate and a Strawberry Delicé for the road.. just in case I get thirst or hungry on the way... to Circular Quay and The Rocks.

I should mention that the Hot Chocolate tasted like Milk Chocolate Lindt ball and milk (duhh.. what else would it taste like?) and Strawbery Delicé was a macaroon and... too sickly sweet for my taste. Pitty, they looked so pretty and delicious too!


The Verdict: So Lindt Cafe/Concept Store. I can now say that I've "Been there, ate that". Probably won't make such a big fuss about it next time. Bought some chocolates for novelty sake (esp the hand made chocolates and the peanut butter lindt!). I think I can safely say that I prefer the Koko Black in Melbourne or even Max Brenner if I wanted a quick shot of chocolate without having to get out of the suburbs.

Lindt Concept Store
53 Martin Place, Sydney


Anonymous said...

I applaud your efforts in the name of discovery, hope your stomach didn't revolt the next day ;) As for Koko Black - yeah, we got the good stuff here in Melbourne!

ilingc said...

hey ellie,

stomach was ok, but really over 'eating' by the time we got back.

there's another place in st kilda cacao it's called and it's meant to be good. i've been passed the shop didnt go in. too full from the gelati :D