Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Breaky at Turtle Cafe

Twas a nice and sunny Sunday. Nice considering it was still winter.

Clouds billowing in the air like sails billowed by the wind.

Perfect for a date out in the sun.

Sunday, 20 August 2006.

Dropped of the Boy and the Housemate at the Airport for their flight to NZ. They were going snowboarding and skiing in Queenstown, NZ. (At this point, you're probably wondering.. err.. just the Boy and the Housemate???) Haha.. no. Though that is the first reaction I got from everyone I told. They were going with a group of 5 other.

Since NZ is an International destination, we had to be at the airport 2hrs prior to the departure time (9am). By the time they entered the departure lounge it was 8:50am and by the time I got home it was 9:40am.

Was the time I was suppose to arrive at the cousin's in Elsternwick for a breakfast date

Was the time I actually arrived. Haha. Somewhere between arriving home and leaving the house, I caught a cat nap. As a result, I had hungry cousins screaming abuses on the phone while I was on the way there. In typical cousins fashion, they weren't ready when I got there. So I got some time to snap some photos of the skyline outside J's place.

Our brunch destination was Turtle Cafe in Elwood, about 5mins down the road from Elsternwick station. When we got there it was already packed with regulars and there was not a free outdoor table in sight. So we headed inside and ordered, spotted a free table outside after we ordered and sent J to bag it while Z and I sat inside watching over our spot in the cafe (just in case she didn't get the table).

Our order came in about 15mins, which was pretty quick considering the crowd that was around. French toast w/ crispy bacon and maple syrup, Turtle Benedict (poached eggs, bacon, bubble and squeak w/ rocket salad topped w/ hollandaise sauce) and for drinks: 2 large cappuccino and 1 mocha.

The french toast was made with turkish bread. How bizzarre! I thought my using pane di casa for french toast was wrong, this was.... worse! Ok, it wasn't so bad, it was... interesting and crispy. My cousin (J) had been raving on about the best french toast she'd ever had and that she'll take me there when we do breaky next time.. and this was it. I was sort of expecting your traditional brioche instead of turkish bread. The french toast reminded me of this chinese deep fried dough stick those served with congee ("yow jao gwai" in cantonese, literally translated as "oil fried ghost") with maple syrup. It was still good, but I was kind of disappointed in the french toast department since I am one who prefers well coated french toast.

The Turtle Benedict was somewhat better. The poached eggs were perfect! I had heard about the eggs at Turtle from the review at The Breakfast Blog. Just as was reviewed by Jamie Wodetzki over at The Breakfast Blog, I found the bubble and squeak to be more of a potato croquet than bubble and squeak. But the eggs was perfect, I'm not sure about the hollandaise though. Must go for a round 2 just to be sure.

The cousins, having been there before reckoned the food quality dropped a bit on Sunday, probably because they were busy churning out food. The mocha was ok.. I still haven't found the best Mocha I've ever had though. Maybe I should make that my next adventure.. "In search of the perfect Mocha.."...

Turtle Cafe
34 Glenhuntly Road
Tel +61 3 9525 6952.


@JinomTo said...

I've had a few awesome mochas!! One was near work actually.. in Sydney!

Anonymous said...

Love the first shot ilingc - beautiful colours.

ilingc said...

Ali: Sydney! I am in Melbourne!

keiko: Hi there. I love the that shot too. Pretty good considering I only had a point and shoot camera :)

Jeanne said...

Great photos - make me miss the southern hemisphere "winters" :-( Your breakfast sounds pretty yummy, despite the unusual bread & redesigned bubble 'n squeak. The search for the perfect mocha is the type of research I could seriously get into! I think I may have had the best hot chocolate of my life in Lille the other day - just tasted like melted chocolate, with a bit of milk to stop it congealing; perfectly frothed and sipped from a handle-less cup. Heaven.

ilingc said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks :) Spring's came early this year. Usually we'd be having gloomy weekends instead of the sun.

Breaky was ok. Poached eggs was the best, no more bubble and squeak for me. I think I prefer the japanese version :)

I'm still searching for the perfect mocha!

Oh.. I love hot choc too! The best hot chocolate I've had so far in Melbourne is at the STRIP* Cafe at Monash Uni where I work. It was heaven, perfect quantity of cocoa and well frothed milk. But that was before that particular barrista left :(

*STRIP = Sci Tech & Research Industrial Park. :)