Friday, October 06, 2006

Room for some Puffy


After lunch at the fish market, we made a pitt stop at Haymarket for some shopping and then walked back to the apartment via World Square, the home of Puffy

I first learnt about puffy from Helen's blog Grab Your Fork. Helen received a tip that there was something new in town and went a head to sample it. Being the tourist that I am, I didn't realise that I was in the vicinity of the shop when we walked into World Square. Whilst the boys were checking out mobile phones at the 3 store I followed my nose as I smelt something baking! I went in the direction of the delicious smell, disregarding whatever shops that I was passing and lo and behold.. there it was.. Puffy!

In her review, Helen said that Puffy was not that spectacular compared to Beard Papa's. Having not tasted Beard Papa's before I agreed. Maybe I was too quick to agree, but the crumbly texture of the topping didn't really appeal to me, it was quite sweet and the custard was really cold! Samps bought 3, one for each of us to sample, he thought it was ok.. nothing special and Alv didn't like it at all! (Guess who got the left over puffy?)


So Beard Papa's, hurry up and come to Melbourne. I want to have something to compare it with.

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