Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunny Sydney.. last minute weekend Getaway


It's been a very busy and exhausting week. But nevertheless it's been awesome! Flew up to Sydney 23/9 after work to kick off the start of my long weekend. I was suppose to be be in Sydney from Sunday 24/9 to Tuesday 26/9 with my dear friend Ali who is currently back from London. Ali used to work in Sydney before she took a leave of absence to pursue her dreams of working in London. She's currently back for her brother's wedding (yesterday 30/9) and will be flying off to KL for the second leg of the wedding in Malaysia on Tuesday. (Bye bye Ali).

We had been planning our "Girl's Getaway" for about a month and then 2 weeks ago she had to pull out of our trip because her mum wouldn't allow it. (LOL) Sound's funny, here we have a 26yr old being told she can't go on a trip by her mum. But we know that it's because her mum wanted her close by since she'd be going back to London soon and they wouldn't have much time to see her etc. There.. there.. mummy's girl.

So anyway, rather than spoil the weekend, I convinced Alv to go (not much convincing needed there since he wasn't happy that he was not allowed to go in the first place) and got our friend Samps who has been up in Sydney for work to stay back for a weekend. The whole trip was a very disorganised trip for us as we booked our flights and all but up until the Thursday night we still had accomodation issues. We had booked some rooms at Metro Hotel on Pitt Street anticipating that we wouldn't be able to crash at our friend's apartment and he rang last minute on Thursday saying we could crash, so then we had to cancel our booking at Metro. Luckily, they agreed and we were just charged the cancellation fee. So we ended up crashing at Samp's work-paid-for accom at Hyde Regency Apartments just opposite Hyde Park.

Thus we left a yucky weekend in Melbourne for a sunny weekend in Sydney. (More on what we did in Sydney tomorrow.)



Anonymous said...

Awesome! Reminds me of sunny days spent on holiday in Sydney a couple of years ago!


ilingc said...

Hi Dianne,

Yes it was awesome! That's the beauty about Sydney, the weather's more sunny and tolerable than the unpredictable weather in Melbourne. Plus it's closer than the Gold Coast!

I guess that's why a lot of Melbournians often go to Sydney for a quick burst of sunshine :)