Monday, October 09, 2006

Snaps of Circular Quay, The Rocks and the Opera House


The walk from Martin Place to Circular Quay was actually quite pleasant. Look at the lovely skyline! I couldn't believe it was only one month into spring. There was chilly wind when we walked through areas where there the tall sky scrappers blocked the sunlight from reaching the ground but it was superb once we reached the quay area. There were loads tourists and locals (you can always spot the tourist, they're usually the ones with the digicams snapping away and they're usually the ones wearing the wrong gear in town). No food experience here, we were too full from afternoon tea to fit anything else in.


Circular Quay

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge


Restaurants and Cafe's at The Rocks.

This post marks the end of our day trip in Sydney.. well not really, we were still there on Sunday, but we mostly went shopping that day. Didn't do any touristy things at all, partly because we were buggered from all the walking on Saturday and partly also because Alv and I were due at the airport by 4pm to catch the 5pm flight back to chilly Melbourne. (It was about 7deg when we landed back in Melbourne at 6:30pm... dang it was cold..!)

View slideshow<-- A few more snaps here


Anonymous said...

SUPERB shots ilingc!! Looks like you had a feast up here. You must come next time during Oct for good food month. But if you are up here anytime let me know and we can meet up.

Pat Lachman said...

Fantastic shots. Visited Sydney two years ago before staying with friends in Perth.These photos remind me of what a lovely place Australia is. Next time we obviously must visit Melbourne!


ilingc said...

Jen: Thank you. They weren't all me though, alv took some of them too. Esp the shot of the Opera House and the ferry. Thank you for the offer, I will definitely take it up when i'm next in Sydney. Likewise, please let me know if you do come down to Melbourne.

Pat: Hi Pat. Thank you. I must share the compliments w/ my boy. He took some of the shots too :)
Yes, you must come to Melbourne next time, in Spring for the Spring Carnival :)