Thursday, October 19, 2006

A recap on the visit to Sydney

Sydney Travel Map

Just a quick recap of Sydney. This was the map we had in our pocket the whole time we were in Sydney. I decided that I'd note down the places that we'd visited and walked so that I can work out later how many kilometres we walked in Sydney on Saturday. If I had to take a guess I'd say we walked about 10kms or more on the Saturday. Back and forth from the apartment. We stayed at Hyde Park Regency Apartments which is not on the map but right next to Hyde Park Hotel (37) which I have circled on the map. If you're curious, just click on the above photo and look for spots marked with numbers to indicate where we went to.

In order travelled:
  1. Darling Harbour, Cockle Bay - Breakfast at CMC
  2. Sydney Fish Market - Lunch
  3. Haymarket - Shopping
  4. World Square - Puffy
  5. Hyde Park - Walkabouts
  6. Circular Quay - Sight seeing
  7. The Rocks - Sight seeing
  8. DFS Galleria - The only thing that was opened after 5pm (on the way back to the Apartment)
  9. Dining Bar Musashi - Dinner
  10. Back to Hyde Park for night scene
  11. QVB Building (which we also went to on the way back from Haymarket)

Things I went to Sydney for and missed out on:

  1. Cupcakes from Cupcakes on Pitt <-- not opened on the weekend. I was crushed when I found out. My sole purpose for going to Sydney and it wasn't opened for business.
  2. Jimmy's Recipes for Laksa <-- I read about this at Deborah's of The Food Palate
  3. Ramen from Ichiban Boshi <-- read about this at Helen's of Grab Your Fork
  4. Victoire Bakery <-- read about this at Jen's of Milk and Cookies

I know I probably couldn't have fitted in anymore food after all the eating that we did in those two days, but a girl can have a wish list right?

Places I want to go the next time I visit Sydney:

  1. Billy Kwong
  2. Breakfast at Bills
  3. Cupcakes from Neutral Bay
  4. Beard Papa's (if they're not in Melbourne by then)
  5. Pyrmont Grower's market
  6. Good Food Show in Sydney

So there you have it, I am proud to announce that I ate my way (as much as I could) around Sydney and I admit (shamefully) that the whole trip was planned around food. It's not that we don't have food and good places in Melbourne, just that when you plan a trip with another foodie, we'd tend to get a bit over excited about food. LOL

My next mission, (should I wish to accept it) will be to find the best of my favourite food in Melbourne. Eg. Best Mocha, Best Caesar Salad, Best Okonomiyaki (was at Daimaru) etc.

Note to self: First you need to get 100% and start exercising again, before you go eating! :)


NJ_La said...

Beard Papa's is not that great. You have it once or twice and you will be over it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
could you please tell me what your thaughts on the Regency Apartment was?