Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Taste of Spring

Spring is in the air....

When I woke up on sunday and saw this outside my window, I couldn't resist trooping out in my pj's to take a photo of it. Nevermind that we have guests in the house who might think it was weird that this half awake, half stumbling person is stumbling towards the back of the house with a digital camera in hand...

For the last three year springs I have been in our rental place I have been wanting to take a photo of the tree next door. It's the neighbour's tree that is planted right by the fence outside my bedroom window. The lovely pink flowers reminds me of cherry blossoms but this is no sakura tree as I remember seeing berries on them in the summer. It might be some sort of berry tree..? No idea, I am ignorant when it comes to plants and especially native plants.

Next to this lovely pinky blossom tree is this flowery tree. Friends say it might be an apple blossoms tree. I'm not sure, I've never really noticed it (hehe)

All these pretty flowers, made me notice my surroundings a bit more. I, who have never stepped into garden to do anything more than water the plant or grass, have started to notice the tree next to the mail box with lovely purple flowers..(friend says it's sweet pea or something)

and the lemon tree in our backyard loaded with the fruits of its labour..

the mandariny/lime tree (I don't know the English name for it, in Cantonese it's called 'kut jai')

the huge bottlebrush tree in our backyard...

and just today I noticed that we have a magnolia tree out the front yard too.

Hmm.. I don't like spring, because spring is when I get red nosed from hayfever. But spring is certainly lovely sight to behold.

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