Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Bethany!

Happy Birthday Lil B!

Bethany is the Alv's niece. Jerome, B's dad is Alv's older brother. Put them two together, apparently they look similar although J's a bit smaller in frame and has a better metabolism than Alv. (hahah) B's the first child born to this family (:p)but not the first in the family tree (but who cares!)

B's parents hosted a small family affair at their place last weekend (1/9/2006) in anticipation of her birthday. I think it might have been because the Alv's dad was only in town til the 3/9/2006 and he wanted to attend B's 1st Birthday. (I could be wrong?)

There was about 15 people at Deb and Jerome's place, mostly family and the outsider (me!).

Alv and I was fashionable late, because I promised to bring a dessert and was busy preparing it at the last minute. Everyone contributed to the affair, Alv's mum made Fried Rice, Deb's mum made some pasta, her Nan made these yummy Chocolate Cherry Slice and Marshmallow slice, Deb (& Jo - Deb's sister) made little cup cakes and arranged them in a "1" as Bethany's birthday cake and my contribution was a Fruit tart w/ Mascarpone cheese in my new rectangular tart pan. (actually, it was an excuse to use my new pan) There was chips and dips, some party pies, ricotta triangles and sausage rolls and plenty of food to go around.

B had lots and lots of presents (as you would when you're turning a the big one-oh!). About 5 different outfits just from Alv's mum alone, a little green caterpillar from Deb's cousin, toys from Deb's Mum and Dad (I think) and Alv bought her a Fisher & Price telephone toy which had some pictures of animals on a little album thing attached it and makes different animal noises when you press the dial keys (depending on which animal you had up of course). The funniest thing about the phone was that if you had a duck displayed on the album and you pressed the number 4, the duck will quack four times.. ie. quack, quack, quack, quack.. continuously like a broken record. LOL

It was hilarious especially when you had the horse up... It also rings at random, and there is a child's voice naming the animal and number that you pressed. It was B's favourite that day anyway. I heard that she hasn't really been playing with it since. LOL

So Happy Birthday Little B, though you won't remember your first birthday, at least you enjoyed the phone that Alv got you. :) xoxo

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