Saturday, August 05, 2006

Eomeote # 17 - Eggsperts cry fowl!

trans: End of month eggs on toast extravaganza

  1. A food blogging event
  2. Brainchild of Jeanne (cooksister)
  3. Organised montly by Jeanne at:
  4. Essential ingredients: eggs and bread (hence eggs on toast)
  5. Current event number: #17
  6. Current theme: Tabloid Headlines
Recently, I discovered that the local Baker’s Delight doesn’t make/sell sour dough bread. The closest equivalent bread in their range is the Pane di casa. According to the Baker’s Delight webpage the Pane di casa is characterised by a hard, chewy crust and dense texture and is ideal for bruschettas.
“But I don’t feel like bruschetta, I wanna eat french toast!”

Right about now you’re probably wondering what does sour dough have to do french toast??? It doesn’t.! I actually wanted it for some thing else, but somewhere in there my taste buds got confused and decided they wanted some french toast on Saturday instead of poached eggs w/ wilted spinach on toast (so pane di casa would’ve been fine for that).

Traditionally, french toasts are made with either white bread or brioche, which I have neither, so I decided to give it a go anyway. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to satisfy this girl’s cravings.

Since we didn’t have any white bread nor could I be bothered going out to find good decent brioche, I decided to give it ago and make a pane di casa french toast. I must say, it doesn’t taste too bad if you don’t mind your french toast being a bit dense. I like crusty ‘crust’ anyway, so that worked out fine for me. I like my french toast - sweet, so I dusted some icing sugar and added maple syrup to suit my taste. Yumm.. One girl’s taste buds satisfied… for now..

Incidentally, after I made this I went surfing and discovered that is the Eomeote time off the month! After much deliberation and creative soul searching, I came up with this as my first ever entry to this event.

Ed: Originally made this as my headline article first, but then I decided that I didn't like it so I made the one up the top instead. Somewhat more satisfied, though I still don't like it. Must be the perfectionist in me. :p


ejm said...

Yay!!! Another chick (if you'll forgive the term) has succumbed to the EoMEoTE craze. Excellent headline photo!

I've never been a big fan of French toast because of its softness. Maybe I should try it with more dense bread. (When I'm in an egg eating phase, I do have a weakness for Monte Cristo Sandwiches though... aren't they made basically the same way that French toast is made but without the sugar?)


P.S. I also loved the "fast facts" in the version you chose not to use.

Jeanne said...

Ha ha ha! Great post, great hedline and great front page! Funny you should mention making French toast with somethign other than brioche - I made stuffed French toast last night (post still pending!!) and had some egg mix left, so I dipped my usual bread (soya & linseed loaf) - and it certainly wasn't nearly as nice and soft and decadent as the brioche version. But a fun experiment nonetheless!

ilingc said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Term forgiven :) I love the photo that was why I exchanged it with the fast facts version.

French toast with denser bread is definitely not as soft as your regular brioche version.

Sadly, I have never had/heard of a Monte Cristo Sandwich before, but friend google says its like a french toast sandwich with ham, turkey and cheese.

Incidentally, I found one on that had sugar sprinkled on it!,1744,149170-231207,00.html

Umm, interesting... I think that just blew your "without the sugar" theory.

I felt like I was breaking some major rules making french toast sans brioche! But it was still very yummy!

ejm said...

I've never had a monte cristo sandwich with turkey (as far as I know - I actually haven't had a monte cristo sandwich for eons). The monte cristo sandwiches I had were always made with ham and cheese only.

That one at is disgusting!! Food colouring? Whatever for? And I see that wikipedia says that the sandwich is often served with maple syrup on the side. There is a link on the wikipedia article to a recipe that not only includes the sugar and food colouring but calls for red currant jelly as well.

The recipe I found at is much closer to the monte cristo sandwiches I have ever had.


P.S. The wikipedia article also mentions that the monte cristo may have been derived from croque monsieur, another sandwich that I adore and hardly ever have unless I'm on holiday in France. I've NEVER had croque madame, on the other hand. That's just too revolting even when I'm eating eggs.

ilingc said...

ohh yum yum.. I had a look at the wikipedia ones too they all seem to be variations of the same thing with different names hahaha.

Thank you for the link, I will have to try that soon, hopefully this weekend, then I can proudly say that I know and have had a monte cristo sandwich :D

Jeanne said...

Don't die of shock now... but the EoMEoTE#17 roundup has finally seen the light of day!

You can check it out here:

Thanks for playing along!

jenjen said...

this is eggscellent!
I agree, there's no subtitute for brioche in french toast.