Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spice attack!

Bought these from the organic shop Macro at The Glen Shopping Centre last week. Oh and a bottle of rose water too. (bottle minus rose water) Except that's all gone into the White Chocolate Pistacios Cupcakes (which I have yet to post about).

Next week the Boy's going to be in Queenstown NZ riding the snow. I will be eating, sleeping in otherwords living at his house because he's got cable (internet) and I don't hehe. Abuse his bandwidth and downloads whilst he's away. Hopefully, putting more love into my cooking.


jenjen said...

cool, I love Macro. I didn't know it was in Melb as well.

ilingc said...

Hi jenjen,

I think it's the second shop in Melb, first in suburbian shopping centre though. Just checked their website and there's another two. First one was in Richmond and newest one in Black Rock. I love macro too, they've got lots of cool food :)