Monday, June 26, 2006

QED Idea No. 1 - This is how you eat Soba.

Ange: I don't know how you can eat soba with nothing but dipping sauce. At least make some side dishes or something. So lazy :p

Anyway, here's Quick and Easy Dinner (QED) Idea No. 1:

The original recipe is called Otsu :: 乙 [おつ] - which essential means: strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy, queer, witty, tasty, romantic.

Since it is food related, it most probably means everything but strange, queer, witty, romantic rofl. (I think it means tasty) Anyway, I found the recipe at chika's shewhoeats food blog who referred it to 101 Cookbook's site.

As usual, I modified the ingredients and added my usual favourites: mushrooms, chicken, capsicum and onion. But the rest is essential the same. (Had to omit coriander though, silly Mish doesn't eat it)

The last time I made something vegetarian, Michelle complained that "there's no MEAT", so I added the MEAT and the rest.

It's easy enough that you can't complain it takes too long woman! Since you are that lazy, I would recommend getting the pre-fried tofu instead. If I can do it after a long slog at work, so can you!

p/s: Ali, what's that blue thingy! :)


Here's the satisfied customer ;p


Anonymous said...

bah...tired after work, nothing taken out of freezer. Eating it just with sauce is fine. 

Posted by Ange

ilingc said...

Lame excuse. I am tired after work too! and I still make sure we eat well. Except when it comes to Instant noodles night. Lol
You have to try this ok! It's not that hard. believe me!

@JinomTo said...

Ange is lazy laaaaaaaaa...she's never had to slog home to cook... we've been doing it for the past 3 years!!!

ilingc said...

yeah..! lol
don't u think it's ironic though that she'd rather spend time making gyoza than this which would take even less time to do than gyoza..??

@JinomTo said...

She makes what she likes/want to eat! ;p

ilingc said...

and you just have to eat whatever she cooks. LOL
lucky you aint fussy, unlike some people/s i have to cook for!

NJ_La said...

um...not sure about that...