Tuesday, June 20, 2006

About the blog

Feed Me! I'm Hungry!

Product of a Friday night at home with not much to do.
Lack of name creativity came from the fact that I was peckish at the time this blog was registered and the first post was made. (hence my second attempt at writing a better introduction)

The first food blog I came across is the famous Chocolate & Zucchini last year when I was searching for a Chocolate Cake recipe. At that time, I thought wow this is cool! But never gave much thought about it because I wasn't too interested in baking then and blogging wasn't really "cool" amongst people I know then.

Later on I came across Keiko of Nordljus's Green Tea Opera Cake when I got really into my 'green tea' phase and that blew me away. That's not to say that Clotilde's blog didn't, it just that I didn't put two and two together until later on when it occured to me that there was a food blog community out there. I think one of the journalists at The Age wrote an article about it and I'm sure it was from that article that I got a bit more educated about food blogging.

It wasn't until when two of my closest girl friends moved to London on a travel/career break adventure that I decided to start up my own food blog. I was also getting more and more inspired as I delved more into the world of food blogging, trolling food blogs at lunch breaks and after work made me think about all the time I have in the world; since I'm on a break from all sporting activities and with the loss of my cooking companions and all ....*ding*

So here we are, two months on and still going strong.. still making my friends crave for all these things that we use to make together on the weekends or on special occasions.

Who am I?

ilingc || 27 || Female || Melbourne VIC AUS

A journey in Cooking, Baking and Experimenting.

I blog about the food I make for my friends, family and me boy.


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