Friday, June 16, 2006

First of the first of the first... what the?

Ok I've really gone and done it now. Lol

I have been speculating to some friends that "I am bored" and have been considering starting up a food blog, having accidentally discovered them while I was googling for recipe ideas.

This will take a while but oh well, time is what I have in the world right now on a cold wintery Friday night. (How sad that I am at home blogging while my boy is watching 24 and the rest of my friends... well.. I wonder what they're up to? Getting sloshed somewhere, wow-ing*, working^ and what not.

Hopefully this will not turn out to be an "abandoned exercise" because of my lack-of-motivation. The last time I came up with a webpage thingy it got abandoned after a month haha.. but that was donkey years ago.

Stay tune

*this refers to those who are breathing in the "World of Warcraft"
^haha those in London are 'still' working at the time of writing


Jeanne said...

Hi and welcome to the blogosphere! The menus you have posted so far look great - can I get invited please?? ;-)

ilingc said...

Hi Jeanne

You're welcome to dinner anytime you're in Melbourne ;)