Monday, June 19, 2006

Jaffa Crepes

-- Jaffa Crepes Round 1 --

-- Jaffa Crepes Round 2 --

I love crepes. I've always wanted to make Crepes Suzettes. Somehow, we ended up making Jaffa Crepes instead?
We had dinner at Queenie's place on Saturday. Her mum cooked us dinner. A scrumptious semi gourmet meal. Mrs Chan is so hospitable and a good cook too. Everytime we go to Q's and if her mum is around she would make us tea and bring us nibblies etc. (we're so spoilled)

Anyway, we were suppose to be playing Taboo after that but since the guys ended up watching some stoopid show on tv, Queenie and I decided to make dessert instead. Somehow tossing between chocolate souffle and crepe we ended up with crepes suzette. I think her mum's comment about how that was her favourite might have had something to do with it.

Anyway, the best thing about the whole night was I got to drive the Porsche! Drove it down the road to the Shell service station for milk. The boy was sooo jealous. *evil laugh*

Dinner for 7 at Queenie's

Chinese Mantou w/ Grilled Duck pieces
Rocket and Pear salad w/ a Sweet Chilli and Garlic dressing
Creamy Spiral pasta with onions, mushrooms, bacon and chorizo sausages
Steamed Vegetarian Buns
Platter of Apricot Cheese, Marinated Olives and Duck liver pate w/ crudites
Jaffa Crepes (Crepes Suzette drizzled w/ Chocolate Cointreau sauce)

Thanks for dinner Mrs Chan and thanks again for your hospitality.

- Thank you too Queenie for letting us crash your house AGAIN.
- Okay, thanks Mark for organising even though you do much beyond promising us Taboo and not delivering ><

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