Monday, June 19, 2006

Party at Hoi's

--(i) Green tea sponge cake sandwiched w/h
green tea butter cream, topped with chocolate ganache.--
--(ii) Baked Lemon Slice.--

Ok, I admit. I'm a green tea nut. I love Mattcha Ice Cream. Can't get enough of it. Tried making it once, the cheater's way that is. A tub of ice cream and some mattcha powder. Didn't turn out too good. Probably because I had crappy low fat ice cream. Hahah. Going to try it with 'good' quality ice cream next time.

My obsession with making a green tea cake stemmed from when I had a piece of Green Tea Butter Cake from BreadTop. So hooked on it that I decided I was going to make one. I have a recipe for a pound/butter cake, but wasn't sure how much mattcha powder to put in, so I went googling for a recipe. Found nothing under 'Green Tea butter cake' nor 'Green Tea Pound Cake'. A few recipes for Tea Cake though? I suppose it's all the same, but I'm a newbie when it comes to baking. I'm better at meals than cakes and I have been told repeatedly by someone (probably mum) that cakes are different than your regular meals. You can't just chop and change the measurements, it might not turn out the way it's suppose to be. So, I was being pedantic.

Anyway, I bumped into this 'Green Tea Opera Cake' by Keiko at Nordljus. I was like OMG. Drooled over it the whole lunch time. She takes scrumptious photos.

Anyway, since I was going to my friend Hoi's for lunch and dinner, I manage to convince her that we should make dessert and it should be a Green Tea Opera Cake. (all I had to do was send the link to the cake) Except when we went googling for the recipe we found that it needed a whole barn full of eggs for the layer! Ok, I'm exaggerating. But it was a lot of eggs on the recipe that we found (and I could hear my arteries choking), so Hoi suggested we do a sponge layer instead.

So this [see(i)] is what we ended up with. Umm.. it doesn't look too good because we didn't really have a fully 'furnished' kitchen. Hoi just moved into her place and we made the mistake of using a serrated knife. (Newbies that we are)But it tastes sooo goood!

We had so much time on our hands that we even made a baked lemon slice [see (ii)]. It didn't taste too good at the start but it was good after a few days. It had a shortcrust kind of base layer which we pre-baked and then we baked the curd. Too bad it wasn't lemony enough.

Dinner at Hoi's

Baked Ricotta Cheese with spices
Roasted Tandoori Chicken w/
Roasted Butternut Pumpkin, Brocolli & Cauliflower
Green Tea Sponge Cake
(Baked) Lemon Slice

It was a great catch up Hoi hoi.. thanks for cooking dinner and lunch :) Let's doing it again! umm in 6months eh? hahaha. Maybe the next time, Jan won't pike on us :P

Gochisousama deshita Hoi Hoi!

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keiko said...

Hi Ilingc - thank you for leaving kind notes on my blog. Your green tea cake looks lovely (the lemon slice looks great too!), I hope you can enjoy another matcha recipe some time. Look forward to reading more of your lovely posts :)