Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stuffed up chicken

What happens when you accidentally use Cayenne Pepper when marinating your "Cajun Chicken" for your Cajun Chicken Caesar?

  1. You start choking when the chicken's being pan fried and start wondering whether it's time to throw out that old frying pan that looks past its time. (because you think it's the toxic from the worn out teflon)
  2. Get out of the kitchen and leave your boy friend to keep frying that toxic stuff
  3. Chuck a tanty and yell at your bf to turn on all the exhaust fan in the house
If you were me on Monday, you'd be picking option d. ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Monday night, didn't finish work til 7 and by the time I did all the food shopping for dinner and got home it was about 7:40pm. Exhausted from a hard slog at work and late Sunday night (coz we went to watch Coldplay LIVE @ Rod Laver Arena, then went for supper and didn't get home til 12:30am or so), Freezing because the heater's not fixed (YET) and Starving because I hadn't eaten since my last snack at 4 (or was it 4:30pm); I got everyone to help out with the cooking because we were all on the verge of starvation.

Mish fry the bacon, boil the eggs, Alv bring me the 'Cajun' spice from the pantry etc etc etc..

Lesson #1: Do not get anyone who is not familiar with kitchen to get you a spice from the pantry.
Reason: There are so many bottle of spices in there you never know what might happen.
As you can probably figure out by now, I ended up putting Cayenne Pepper (EXTRA HOT) instead of Cajun into my chicken. I put loads of them too because:

a) Cajun spice has a bit of salt in it, so I figure if I put enough of it, I don't have to bother with any S&P.
b) I was hungry (I think this needs no more explanation)
c) Everyone was complaining of hunger (nothing worse than 'kids' complaining that they're hungry)

I only realised it was Cayenne Pepper when I was putting stuff away all the while Alv was still frying away, me = choking.. in tears..

Sigh, so I was slap dash with the cooking on Monday and the chicken was so spicy that we couldn't eat it. I've got a pretty high tolerance of spicy dishes, but even I couldn't eat it! Felt like it would be a waste to toss everything, we glad wrapped it and stuck it in the fridge.

So for last night's dinner, I bought a packet of those stir fry sauces from Continental (Honey Soy, Ginger and Tamarind) and re-fried the chicken w/ red capsicum, spring onions and the sauce. I was hoping the tamarind would tame it down a bit but fat chance. The chicken was still spicy but it was still edible.
Lesson learnt: Never be slap dash with "looking at labels!"
Today, when someone asked me what I was having for lunch.. for some reason I blurted out "Stuffed up Chicken". I guess that pretty much fits the description.

I think the next time I'm running late I'll just tell everyone "Maggi Mee for dinner". At least that way I won't be choking to death and in tears...


mingerspice said...

Hi! My first comment here. I'm Janice's cousin visiting from SF. She pointed me to your site.

This chicken story is so funny! I was reading the part where you rubbed cayenne pepper all over the chicken with a mixture of horror and laughter. I love a good kitchen disaster story :)

ilingc said...

Hi mingerspice,

Welcome to Melbourne? If it's the right Janice I'm thinking of, right about now she'd be saying 'Yeah mate!' :)
Tis quite sad. We blamed everything before we figured out it was the boy's fault for not reading labels. But it did give me a real good excuse to throw out the yucky pan though.
Brought me back to reality though, hehe. :D