Saturday, July 08, 2006

QED No. 3 and Friday Night Movie Club ... NOT

TGIF!!! Sigh.. End of another week. Yay!!

I love Fridays. Not that I hate work or anything, but sometimes I wish that I only work four day weeks and have 3 day weekends. That would be nice. :)

Friday's usually eat-out night but Alv was tired, so he wanted to go home for a n ap before we went out for a movie. Pirates of the Carribean 2 (Dead man's Chest) opened on Thursday night and fans of Ms Keira Knightley wanted to watch it on asap. *rolled eyes*

I suppose since we're not doing anything else we might as well watch it. But sometimes I just don't understand why it can't wait. Must be a guy thing LOL. The movie wasn't til 9:45pm and since we couldn't agree on where to have dinner and Alv was tired we decided to head home first so that Alv could take a nap and I'd figure out something for dinner.

Friday Night Movie Club, is not really a movie club. Seems lately that it's only Flim, Alv and I that have been going to the movies or dinner or what not when things are organised through our usual spam list. Party poopers.

I digress. Anyway, I'm suppose to be on a low carb/low fat diet since I can't really do much exercise until my stoopid foot heals. Yep. It's been 6 months and the foot is still stuffed. All because I forgot to tape my ankle for that stoopid training session that should never had been held and all for watering the silly plant. Bah. I can almost hear Alv telling me off for being careless. I've been on my fat ass doing nothing for the last 6 months and have started to feel like I'm spilling out of my clothes, so since I can't do nothing about the exercise, I thought that I could do something about my food intake instead. Hah.. how wrong was I!

Since I've had all the things I was not suppose to have this week like: pasta and rice, I thought I might as well top it off with bread and potato. ROAR! Sigh.. it's so hard trying to be healthy and watching the carbs. What better way to top off a great week than a Club Sandwich! (I would like Fries with that thanks!)

I love a good club sandwich. The last time I had a club sandwich was at Hard Rock a few months ago. Nyeh, it wasn't that great. Come to think of it, don't remember whether I've had any good Club Sandwiches out in the cafe lands? Maybe I should send an email to Matt Preston at The Age and ask if he knows where the best club sandwiches in Melbourne are? Da ne?

ps. Pirates was really good. Alv reckons it's the best movie this year. But he probably thinks so b/c of KK. :p Johnny Depp Rocks Arrrr! LOL


@JinomTo said...

I-Linggg.. my fav club sandwich is at Toorak/Chapel. In the Como Centre there's a restaurant/cafe the entertainment book too. They put cranberry sauce in it!! mmmm....

ilingc said...

I didnt buy the Entertainment Book this year. :(
Barely used it last year so I thought I'd pass.
Cranberry sauce?? Do they use turkey instead of chicken? :P
You have to take me there when you come back in Sep.
Keep a day free for 'girls day out' when you get back!

@JinomTo said...

Oh, it just hit me, CAFE FIORI upstairs in the Como Centre..mmmmm..... yummm!

Hehhh.. I only have so many "days" when I get back!

ilingc said...

I dont care! Give me ONE. whole day mind you, if you want your fried chicken and pimms party you will have to LOL