Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Breakfast on Shrove Tuesday

Caramelised Strawberry and Plum w/ crepes

A little treat on Shrove Tuesday.


1 batch of crepe batter (I used this recipe)
3 strawberries, halved
1 plum, halved
2 tbsp light brown sugar
1/4 lemon
(extra lemon wedges for serving)

  1. Make crepes as per recipe.
  2. Place brown sugar onto the pan and squeeze in lemon juice.
  3. Do not stir, allow sugar to start caramelising before placing plums face down onto the pan.
  4. Let it cook for about 5mins before adding in the strawberries (also face down).
  5. Allow strawberries to cook for about 2mins, then remove from pan and serve.
Optional: serve with a dusting of icing sugar.

Caramelised strawberries and plum

Happy Pancake Day :)


K & S said...

Happy Pancake Day to you! Looks wonderful.

Manggy said...

Hi iling! Long time no see, heh heh :)
I love the flavors here... The plums are so cute!

IronEaters said...

the plum looks so delicious n sweet. love crepes!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Wish I'd been at your place for breakfast!

AzAzura said...

I found you blog by accident and I love it , the gorgeous pictures and the writings .I will be back hear again .
I like the look of the strawberries- vivid.

Joy said...

Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious.

joey said...

That looks so yummy! :)

Dhanggit said...

OMG they look stunningly delicious!! but you know the pancake day thing is not quite far from the "Candle Celebration" thing in France every month of February..when we eat specially "crepe". so whether its an invention or not Happy Pancake Day to you too!! :-)

NJ_La said...

hey...where was mine? =(

ilingc said...

Kat: Thanks Kat. It was delicious :)

Manggy: Hi Manggy, Strawberries, Plums and caramel goes really well together :)

Ironeaters: I love crepes too. I'm especially a sucker for crepe suzettes :D

A Fork Ful of Spaghetti: You would've been welcomed! There were enough for 3! :)

Azazura: Hi and welcome to my blog :)

Joy: Hi Joy. It was definitely a combo worth making again :)

Joey: Hi Joey. It was delicious! :)

Dhanggit: Hi Dhanggit, yes I have heard of the candle celebration. Did you celebrate that on the saturday?

Ange: *Pat pat* there there, I will make you some this weekend :D

Indigo said...

That photo is stunning - I miss strawberries so much in the winter! Mmm..

Kate / Kajal said...

this has got to be the best way to eat pancakes ! would love to have that right now !

ilingc said...

Indigo: Hi there and thanks :) I got these strawberries from Tesco Metro. I believe these were imported from Morocco.

Kate: Hi Kate. Strawberries and honey are my favourite pancake toppings. I must say that they're so easy to make. I whipped up another batch just on the weekend for breakfast. I'd say it took me about 30mins tops :)