Friday, September 19, 2008


Stained glass window in Gare de Luxembourg
The famous Stain glass window at Gare de Luxembourg

Luxembourg, better known to the locals as Grand Duche De Luxembourg is a small country snuggled in between 3 of Western Europe's famous countries: Belgium, Germany and France. It is the worlds sole remaining Grand Duchy - ruled by a Grand Duke. Luxembourg's population ranges in the half a million mark but every day at least 200,000 more people enter the country from the borders of Belgium, Germany and France on a daily basis for employment purposes. Most Luxembourg natives speak at least 3 languages, French, German and Luxembourgish, it's official language. Luxembourg is also....... .

Umm... Eh... what am I doing? It's starting to feel like I'm writing an essay on Luxembourg. Really...? What was I thinking? If you really want to know about Luxembourg, you should just do what everyone does, Google or Wiki it =)

Of course, I did that too... when I went there last November.. hehe.

Luxembourg was pretty much the first European country we visited after we arrived in London last year. Usually, one would be visiting one of it's more famous cities such as: Barcelona, Paris or Rome. But not moi, considering we hitched onto a trip that one of our friends organised, I don't think we're in any place to complain *grin*

So what did we do in Luxembourg? I won't bore you with the details but in short, we hitched on a walking tour, feasted at the xmas market tents, did a bit of window shopping and took one last stroll by ourselves on the Sunday before heading back to London.

city square
Luxembourg Town Square

lux lanes ways
One of the many paths in Luxembourg's Old town.

Lux - canal & houses

Bridges in Luxembourg
Top - Bottom: Pont Adolphe and Rout Br├ęck (Grand Duchess Charlotte - Red Bridge)

lux city2
From Top L-R: Statue of Grand Duchess Charlotte,
Giant Bell in the Notre Dame church compound,
Notre Dame Cathedral spires and a laneway in Luxembourg New Town.

b&w houses
Top to Bottom: Houses in a valley, Old house in Old Town,
Window with Xmas decoration.

lux corniche
Top L-R: Some photos during our walkabouts.

Schloss Erbaut Bruecke, Luxembourg
Schloss Erhaut Bruecke,

Old town building, Luxembourg
An old building in Old Town

Luxembourg Xmas market
Luxembourg Christmas Market

Christmassy decorations around town and at the Xmas Market.

lux xmas2
Top to Bottom, L-R: Toy Soldiers, Candle Holders, Christmas Trees around town.

Top to Bottom: Children art and Artwork at the Luxembourg Centre for Arts

Puppets at the xmas market.




More photos on Flickr.


K and S said...

beautiful photos!

Manggy said...

What gorgeous pics, I-Ling! I can really feel the European-ness (I'm making the word, dammit)... I heard Luxembourg has the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita :) It must have been such a wonderful time for you!

NJ_La said...

omg...about time u update ur blog.

Hungry Hamster said...

beautiful views and photography! Would love to visit that part of the world some day!

Mish said...

v nice pics aunty! did you take them all yourself? me bored and sleepy at work :\