Friday, December 28, 2007

This Christmas...

Christmas lunch setting

Last Christmas, we had 2 separate christmas celebrations. We had an early christmas lunch on the 17th Dec and then a Christmas dinner with our friends on Christmas Day itself. This year, thankfully, we only had one Christmas celebration that lasted the whole day from 1pm to 11:30pm.

What a perfect way to celebrate Christmas away from home than with your second family - your friends. :)


1. Our posh Christmas set up - with plastic knives and forks to make up for the lack of serving ware

Christmas lunch setting

2. Our hosts this Christmas

Ali & Ange

3. The makeshift Christmas tree

Make shift Christmas tree :)
(See that notebook there? It blared christmas carols throughout the whole day)

4. The grog

The grog opener

5. Food, Glorious Food!

Appetisers, Entree and Main
Appetisers: Rosemary Infused "Pigs in Blanket" & Smoked Trout w/ Creme Fraiche on crackers (not pictured), Entree: Seared Scallops w/ Orange Butter Sauce, Main: Turkey w/ Wild Mushroom, Bacon and Sausage Meat stuffing, Hampshire Breed Pork Loin Joint w/ stuffing and all the trimmings.

6. What's a Christmas without some caroling?

Christmas carolling

Photo courtesy of B.Wong

8. And last but not least

Chocolate surprise

A chocolate tasting plate -
A trio of chocolate delight - dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate and dark chocolate infused with orange and cointreau. Chocolate biscotti (with pistachios and cherries), Pistachio and cranberry biscuits and Matcha Truffles. (not in picture)

And that was our Christmas. :)


K & S said...

what a great way to spend Christmas, with lots of good friends and good food! Happy Holidays!

Manggy said...

Beautiful spread, iling! Not super 100% over the plasticware, though, haha :)

Mrs. W said...

How lovely--and it sounds like great fun. What exactly are those pigs in blankets? (To me, pigs in blankets are little sausages rolled up in pastry--but yours look more yummy that that!)

ilingc said...

Kat: Thanks Kat. Yah, it was great and an ace christmas. Happy Holidays to you too! :)

Manggy: Yeah, the plastic took a bit of convincing but the girls don't usually entertain and only had enough serving ware for 4. hehe it was cheaper than buying new serving ware ;)

Mrs W: Hi Mrs W. I usually have my pigs in blanket rolled up in puff pastry too! The ones we made were just little sausages wrapped in bacon with some rosemary. :)

Dhanggit said...

happy new year to you iling!! more blessings to you & more delicious goodies in your kitchen...

your photos reminded me of my foreign student life in japan :-)

Disgruntled ex-housemate said...

Whhaaattttt ! You abandoned me for London and to top it off you had a super spread... *cry*