Friday, November 09, 2007

Goodbye summer days and Hello Autumn in New York!

Apologies for the severe lack of posts. We've had a fairly hectic schedule in the last 6 weeks: tidying up things at work - handover and all, baking and cooking all my favourite foods/recipes, catching up with friends, families and eating out at all our favourite places. It's not all done without reason (well, maybe the eating out bit), for you see, as I write this we are no longer in Melbourne and will be 'homeless' and living out of our suitcases for the next few months.

We're joining the flock of expat Aussies in London, trying to make do on a Working Holiday Maker visa and relishing the opportunity to travel around Europe for the next year or so. Hence, the post title, "Goodbye summer days" - for it is now approaching summer in the southern hemisphere and "Hello Autumn in New York!" - for we are now in New York, or will be until tomorrow anyway.

Puddle of water @ Central Park
(Central Park, New York)

Rockerfeller centre
(The Rockefeller Centre, New York)

The last 2 months has been a race against time, documenting my job, organising our visas and tickets and me, baking/cooking all my favourite recipes from my large collection of cookbooks (all of which I will sorely miss) that won't be coming with me to London. The idea was that I would cook/bake them and then create a post for it on my blog for future references. The only problem with that now is that, I have cooked/baked them, photographed them and ate them. BUT forgot to type up the recipe for them. Argh... silly me.

I'm so going to miss summer. I love summer because it reminds me of my childhood home in Malaysia. Sure, summer in Melbourne is a bit harsher and dry compared to the sunny tropical weather in Malaysia, but it does have it's plusses - longer days, thongs/sandals, skirts, ice creams and my favourite part of summer - stone fruits. To cut a long story short, I found some early season peaches and apricots at the grocers the weekend before I left. I looovee stone fruits and couldn't resist snapping up a few of each even though I knew they were early season fruits.

Apricots and peaches

I've never been a big fan of apricots but as a last summer hurrah, I convinced myself that I should give it another go since it will be at least another 6 months before I will be able to gorge on any stone fruits :(

With the pantry and fridge all cleared out for our impending departure, I decided against making anything fancy with them and just melted the remaining bars of chocolate that I had in the pantry. Served with some strawberries and melted dark chocolate, it was a perfect farewell to the upcoming summer... for me anyway. (The peaches, on the other hand, were far too ripe and didn't make it to the platter)

Fruits and chocolate dip


K & S said...

wow! exciting! can't wait to hear more about your adventures :)

amanda said...

the colors in your photos are astounding! so vibrant. love em!

Hungry Hamster said...

Beautiful pictures!

Cedar said...

Beautiful photos, the chocolate and fruit look delicious!

Julia said...

Congratulations and good luck! I am starting a WHV in 3 weeks but going to Amsterdam for the year. Look forward to reading of your adventures.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Your photos always take my breath away!

ilingc said...

Kat: Hi Kat. Will try and post some of my travel stories here too :)

Amanda, Hungry Hamster and Cedar: Thank you :)

Julia: Wow, Amsterdam! Sounds awesome. The only reason I'm in London is because the gang is here! :) Looking forward to hear about your adventures too!

Patricia: Thank you Patricia, you're too kind :)

Anh said...

ilingc, enjoy your time in Europe! But remember to come home, too :P. The photos are gorgeous! and don't worry about all the stoned fruits, I'll be eating them for ya. ;)

Jeanne said...

OMG those photos are beautiful... I also always think I will be able to post more than I actually can before I go away and it makes the final day a misery of panic! Glad to hear you will be here soon though - or are you already here? Let us know :)