Saturday, March 17, 2007

Melting Moments

melting moments

Melting Moments or Yo-yo's, call it what you want, but they are my favourite tea biscuits in the whole wide world! Wow..that's a big statement isn't it?

I succumbed to 'Alv pressure' and made this biscuits purely because he declared to a colleague that "I-Ling's going to make yo-yo's"; after I criticised commented on the yo-yo's he purchased from another colleague at work - who makes/sells biscuits at work as a side hobby/income thing.

I wasn't really criticising it, I just made a comment that it didn't have enough icing in it (which it didn't!!) and the biscuit was a bit..big and has a custardy taste to it that I didn't like. Then I told him about the ones I made for someone at work when he was snowboarding in NZ last August. It was just an innocent comment... really..!!

Then one day last week, he came home one day and said "I told Wendy that you're going to make yo-yos". At first, I wasn't too interested.. and replied "right..". Then I realised he wasn't kidding and asked if it meant that I had to make it before we leave this Friday, since I won't be back til May and all.

All I got was this big cheeky grin and "YEP!".

Melting Moments
from Marie Claire, Kitchen by Michelle Cranston


Biscuit dough
250g Unsalted butter, softened
1 tsp Vanilla extract
60g Icing sugar (confectioners sugar)
175g Plain flour
60g Corn flour

100g Icing sugar
100g Unsalted butter
1 tsp Passionfruit juice

1. Preheat oven to 170 deg C.
2. Beat butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract until soft and fluffy.
3. Sift together corn flour and plain flour and fold into butter mixture in two lots.
4. Line baking trays with non-stick baking paper
5. Roll 1 tsp of the cookie dough into balls and place on the baking tray. Ensure that the cookie dough are placed approximately 3cm apart from each other.
6. Bake in the oven for 12 - 15mins or until biscuits are a light golden.
4. Remove from oven and cool.

1. Beat icing sugar, unsalted butter and passionfruit juice until light and fluffy.
2. Place mixture into an icing bag.
3. Pipe icing (as much as you like) into one of the cookie halves and sandwich with the other half.*
4. Store in an air tight container.

Optional: Sprinkle some icing sugar on to the biscuits

*I piped them in a circle, relatively generously because I heart icing. ;)

Makes 30 sandwiched biscuits

The verdict:
These bikkies are extremely rich! I kid you NOT! When I first made them last year as colleague's farewell present, I followed the recipe to a T and ended up with biscuits the size of an ice hockey puck. The original recipe indicated 2 tsp of batter to be rolled into balls. The 2 tsp expanded as it cooked in the oven. Back then I couldn't stomach more than 1 of these babies.

With 1 tsp, I could manage 2.

They are seriously Melting Moments as they just literally disintegrate in your mouth in the first bite.

I thought the biscuits looked cute in this little container. The idea came about as I was trying to figure out how to 'transport' some of my goodies to work since the biscuits are so delicate.


Cindy said...

Yum! These were a household treat when I was growing up. I seem to remember that there was custard powder in my mum's recipe, like the other ones that you tasted. Never any passionfruit juice, though, and I'd really like that addition!

Ellie said...

You know, I've seen these yo-yos everywhere but never tried them! I should really give them a shot!

Great photo, by the way :)

Jane said...

yay! yo yos are my favorite cookies too, and I am quite a cookie girl. i am going to sydney next month and i plan to bring back a whole suitcase full of melting moments. woo! (I live in California)