Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BPW - Valentine's Postcard

Postcard for BPW

Stamped and popped into the big red box on Monday, 29.01.2007 as per Meeta's instructions. :)

Would you believe that there is no such thing as a Valentine's postcard in this city? I have searched high and low, into every supermarket, newsagent, specialty card store and every post office in the vicinity of work (and home) for a Valentine's related postcard and every time I asked someone they look at me like I was from Mars.

Oh bugger it, might as well make me one.


A piece of white card, some pink coloured paper, some photo paper and half a piece of self laminating paper and with the help of some leftover decorations (heart shaped confetti, roses and ribbons) from the Hen's veil that I made for my friend last year... ta dah.. a home-made Valentine's postcard.

I hope it arrives in ONE PIECE to a mystery BPW blogger somewhere out there :)

Oh.. and the cookies on the photo? Gingerbread cookies w/ chocolate ganache. Wonder where they are now.. *twiddle*


barbie2be said...

i love this card, it's darling!

Ellie said...

That card is so cute, and that was so nice of you to hand-make one!

ilingc said...

Barbie2be: Thanks :)

Ellie: Thanks. It just occurred to me to make one when I was cleaning up my room and saw some of the left over crafts materials from my friend's hens party ;)

Mia said...

Your lovely postcard arrived in one piece - and it made my day! Thanks for taking the time to make me my very own val's day card. Those cookies - yum! So creative....and, it's nice to meet you too. :)
p.s: i'll be posting about it soon!

neil said...

I absolutely think hand made cards are the best, nicely done.