Friday, December 01, 2006

I love the place where I work....

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the area where I work??

My office is in the same area as the Organisational Development Unit (OD) and they hold staff training workshops on this floor all the time. Most of the workshops are uncatered for but occasionally we get ones that they cater food for and whenever there are those workshops, there's always bound to be leftovers. There's a meeting room here that gets booked for use all the time too, and sometimes those meeting are held over lunch, so lunch is catered for. Hehe.. when there is catering, there is leftovers... So we basically get free food all the time. (I should mention the bikkies tin too.. but it's only Arnotts Bikkies, the standard workplace fare)

Today they had like two huge leftover platters of food from one the events that the OD organised. It was the Vice Chancellors Awards for Excellence. Everyone was too busy taking photos with the Vice-Chancellor after the ceremony and forgot all about the food. So where does it end up? Right here in our office tea room.

I love my workplace. I may not always like the work that I have to do/am doing. But I love my office.

View from my desk

ps. Have been busy lately that I haven't blogged much. Three more weeks til our office shuts down for the year, so hopefully I'll have more time to catch up with blogging. :)


[<( - _ - )>] ® said...

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neil said...

Lucky you with all that free food, though it could be a double edged sword. Great view from your office!

ilingc said...

<( - _ - )>]: Hi and Thank you :)

Neil: Thank you. Double edged sword indeed, I've had to swear off the freebies and the bikkie tin since I stopped playing sport. I only limit myself to one scotch fingers a day, if there are any left. :D