Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The morning after

Ok, so maybe I was a bit buggered and over-reacted last night. Not so sure now..

It's still an ugly looking tart.

Dressed it up w/ some icing sugar to cover up the 'scars' and bought some cream and strawberries at coles this morning to serve it with.

I'm going to hold my thoughts on it until it passes the taste test..

EDIT: 10/11/2006

It passed the taste test! laced with strawberries of course. But yeah.. I'm so disappointed that it turned out that way. Might have to find a new recipe.. or a new oven!


Jeanne said...

Oh dear... I know the feeling. But with me it's more often a case of "you stupid girl, how can you walk off and forget about your baking in the oven!!" Either way it's a pretty crappy feeling when you're looking at your ruined stuff :-( But I'm sure your icing sugar and berries will make it gorgeous again :-)

ilingc said...

Actually, I kinda felt the same because knowing my oven's temperature so unpredictable. Just when I thought I had mastered it!

They ate it all up! Can you believe it. I saved two pieces for my friend and someone else found it and gobbled it up.

I'm happy that they ate it up though :)